A G Brown


Since 1985

Since 1985

A Cut Above the Rest

Our Company, A G Brown Drilling, is a family run business which has now been established for almost forty years.

We can mobilise quickly and efficiently to locations throughout the South and East of England drilling for the provision of either a domestic or commercial water supply and full installation service including pumps, trenching etc.

We have in-depth experience of all Shell & Auger procedures as well as specially modified modular rigs for restricted access.


A G brown


As a family business we have a great deal of experience of drilling water wells for water supply (2020 was our 25th year of drilling boreholes).


A Family Business

Our drilling rigs we use cable tool percussion to drill the borehole and they usually provide up to 25 % more water from the well than the same diameter borehole drilled by a rotary rig due to their unique drilling action. Our rigs do not have to use any additives or mud to drill with that can block the water bearing fissures and porous zones in the well and are ultimately utilising a ‘greener’ method.

We have a fixed cost for the contract with no extra charges if we have to drill deeper to get you a water supply. We have carried out projects to provide water for domestic water supply, commercial supply, ponds, moats, and lake topping up systems.

cable percussion rig

Site Investigation

We have worked on site investigation projects as large as Canary Wharf & The Millenium Dome.

well drilling

Well Drilling

We have a no water no fee policy in most areas and also have a fixed cost for the job.

soakaway boring


A Soakaway disposes of unwanted water, most commonly surface runoff and stormwater.


Ground Source Heating

We Can reduce your carbon footprint – heat pumps can lower your home’s carbon emissions.



Always Professional

Our Company has worked on site investigation projects as large as Canary Wharf, The Millenium Dome, numerous motorways and by-passes, as well as The Jubilee Line and the Olympic site at Stratford.
We also have experience of working on sensitive sites such as Bacton Gas Terminal and Coryton Oil Refinary.
We have completed projects in Poland, Hungary, France and Belgium,  we have also been involved in countless smaller projects from house extensions to complete new builds etc.
All of our  lead drillers are NVQ qualified, have CSCS cards, are First Aid certified and have a cable avoidance tool operation certificate. They all also  have at least 20 years drilling experience.
We also drill boreholes for environmental monitoring and audit work , using specialised clean drilling and sampling techniques and installing groundwater/gas monitoring wells.
Our extensive Site Investigation plant inventory includes Standard Shell and Auger Rigs, heavy duty Dando 3000  for deeper work, and Demountable Rigs for difficult access and low headroom locations (we can even gain access through a normal domestic doorway or garden gate, and can work at headrooms as low as 2.6 metres).
We have even used this rig and at Oxford University where exams were being sat during the week of work.
This rig is also a popular choice where drilling work has to be carried out near the general public such as occupied Shopping Centres.
We have the capability of drilling in 150mm, 200mm, and 250mm diameter boreholes.

Domestic & Commercial

experienced & dedicated team

Amongst our specialist equipment we also have an Electric Powered Drilling Rig which has been developed especially for sensitive indoor sites. This rig is very quiet and exhaust fume free.  As an example of our expertise with this rig we have used it in basements of occupied buildings in London to drill boreholes to a depth of 50 metres without any complaints of noise or fumes. We have also successfully used this rig to drill a 30 metre borehole inside Bury St Edmunds Cathedral for the investigation work for the new tower.